This soap holder is made of natural wood.
 It is chemical-free, non-toxic, easy to clean and does not deform

Soap bags --- Soap bags are ideal for exfoliating or massaging. Cotton straps allow you to hang a soap sponge on a shower or bathtub tap. When the soap is small and cannot be held, put it in a soap bag for easy use

Soap dish --- The slot design allows the soap to dry naturally and protects the life of the soap. The lower container discharges the remaining moisture without leaking to the surface of the soap, thereby keeping the surface of the soap container dry

Material: Natural sisal and wood
Size: Soap holder: 11.5x8x2.2cm
Soap bag: 14x9cm
Weight: Soap holder: 55g 
Soap bag: 14g 

Package Contents:
1 * Soap holder

Wood Bamboo soap holder